The Saloon


The Saloon is located on the buildings ground floor, where Indre Mission had their banquet hall from 1921-2006. It is 400 square meters with 10 meters to the ceiling, balcony, and the original organ from when the building was used as a nonconformist building.


The Saloon has been divided into the following sub-saloons, that each has their own day.


Saloon Cármel (fri-sat)

Jazzsaloon (thursday)

Musicsaloon (wednesday)

Dancesaloon (tuesday)

Literaturesaloon (sunday)




Saloon Cármel


Saloon Carmel is our main saloon, which is open each Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 3am. It's purpose is to creat a night-on-the-town place for adults, with inspiration from the 1920's Paris and New York. Each night our pianist sits at the piano, and entertains with one of our wonderful singers. The night will also be full of live swing to dance to. Besides coctails and beer, the bar is competently stocked with more than 90 of our own imported wines, as well as some of the best and most famous wines from all over the world.


You must be at least 25 years old to enter Saloon Carmel. There is an entry-fee of 70 DKK which also covers wardrobe, and there is a suggested dresscode to really make the night special.


See the menu (PDF).






The Jazzsaloon is our attempt of creating a venue where all lovers of jazz and music can come and listen to established as well as up-and-coming jazzmusicians and bands playing live music that you can dance, party, listen, and gather inspiration from. The JazzSaloon is free and open to everyone every Thursday from 6pm to midnight. Some concerts may charge an entry fee, which will be advertised on this website as well as in the saloon.


1. Thursday each month:


2. Thursday each month: Jazzy Aarhus Jam Session


3. Thursday each month:


4. Thursday each month:


For a detailed program, see the calenderen (danish language only).






The Musicsaloon will have concerts from Danish as well as international bands. The Musicsaloon is free and open to everyone every Wednesday from 6pm to midnight. Some concerts may charge an entry fee, which will be advertised on this website as well as in the saloon.


1. Wednesday each month: Kamp Olesen


2. Wednesday each month: Bluesevening (Aarhus Bluesforening etc.)


3. Wednesday each month: Aarhus Lindy Hoppers


3. Wednesday each month: Aarhus Songwriters-workshop


For a detailed program, see the calenderen (danish language only).






1. Tuesday each month: Salsa

Aarhus Salsaforening, in colaboration with Saloon Cármel, welcomes you to a fantastic salsa-evening every 1st Tuesday of the month at Hotel Cármel. At 7:30pm the dancefloor opens with a 30 minute introductory dance lesson, and afterwards free dancing for everyone who wants to. Everyone is welcome, both with and without partner. You can be a rookie, trained or just curious -  salsa is a social dance, and the rhythms are sure to get the feet moving.


2. Tuesday each month: Swing

Do you like jazz and swing music? Do you enjoy dancing? Then you've come to the right place. Tonight you can get a free introduction to lindy hop, a swing dance that evolved in the 1920's Harlem New York. You don't need a dance partner and there is no age limit. The introduction is followed by free dancing and live music. Everyone is welcome, also if you're not ready to enter the dance floor. It's free, it's fun and you will love it so bring your friends!


What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is a swing dance which started in the 1920's in Harlem New York. The dance evolved around the jazz music played by bands like Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald and it is a fusion of many other dances such as Charleston. Lindy Hop had its golden era in the 1930's and 1940's and today there are thriving Lindy Hop communities in most part of the world -in Aarhus too! Lately Lindy Hop has also appeared in TV-shows like "Danmark har Talent" and "Vild med Dans". Aarhus Lindy Hoppers is a non-profit organisation that arranges swing dance events in and around Aarhus. Currently we offer classes on two levels, social dancing events and workshops


3. Tuesday each month: Kiozumba

Kizomba is a relatively new dance from West Africa. It is a cozy and delicious dance, which is spreading with lightning speed, and is now danced in most of the western world. The dance is a mixture of Caribbean Zouk-steps and Argentinean Tango-steps. Kizomba has therefore gotten the nickname "African Tango", but both the music and the dance is far less solemn than tango, and is danced softer, which gives a delicious bodily sensation, just like the dances Bolero, Cuban Son, and Dominican Bachata.


There are not many figures in the dance, which in part makes it more intense, but also easier for beginners. We will be dancing to the musical genre of Kizomba, which originally is from the music Zouk in the Caribbean.


4. Tuesday each month: Tango

Tango Malevaje at Hotel Carmel - get introduced to the worlds most intense couples-dance.

The Argentinian tango is a playful and improvised dance, that emerged in Buenos Aires' multicultural environment at the end of the 1800th century. The tangos expression  is therefor multifarious, but very traditional attached to longing, fervor and passion. The man and the womans natural attraction makes this the worlds most elegant couples-dance.

Come join and get introduced to the Argentinian tango from 7pm to 7.45pm. The dancefoor is open from 8pm. Everyone is welcome!


For a detailed program, see the calenderen (danish language only).






The Literaturesaloon welcomes authors from all over the world, who would like share and read from and about their stories. The Literaturesaloon is free and open to everyone every Sunday from 6pm to midnight. Some events may be subject an entry fee, which will be advertised on this website as well as in the saloon.


For a detailed program, see the calenderen (danish language only).






Salon Carmel


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